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Saving Presentation or Graphics Made in Powerpoint as 300dpi High Resolution Images for Publications or Printing.

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Generally all the high end graphic designs are made in dedicated professional graphics software like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc. Even to make wire-frames for any app, these softwares are highly preferred. Although there are plenty of online options available, but as far as offline scenario is concerned, these softwares does the job well.

Few people know that Microsoft Powerpoint is indeed a good option for designing wire-frames, info-graphics etc. Though it has some limitations or challenges to name some of them like:

  1. Making Icons (can be taken care as many free icons are available)
  2. Create custom size of the project as it considers the project in ‘Inches’, some of you may prefer it in ‘px'(Pixels), ‘Pt’ etc.

Even power-point works with the vector graphics. you can save either the whole slide, or any object as .png (without background). Now what kind of graphics can be made in power-point? This we will cover in next post. In this section we will show, How the slide can be saved as  high 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution image file.

First let me give you some introduction about the DPI. DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the measurement used by the graphics design and printing industries to determine the richness or sharpness of the image. The more dots/pixels an image contains, the more the sharpness is. However, for web, low resolution images are preferred as the file size is smaller and avoids the loading time issues. But for printing purposes, high resolution image with 300dpi or more is preferred.

To enable saving PowerPoint slides as 300dpi high resolution image, you need to change the registry settings. This is  officially documented on Microsoft Support forum.

Lets see how to do it.

Note: Applicable to,

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
  1. On your keyboard, press “window button” + “Run” button to initiate the ‘Run’ command.
  2. Type ‘regedit’ in the “Run” command as shown below and press ‘Enter’ key.

Save ppt in 300dpi3. Now locate “Microsoft” folder in the registry following the path as shown below:


Save ppt in 300dpi

4. Now in ‘Microsoft’ locate “Office” folder and access the respective folder applicable to you as per your Microsoft Office version installed.

Microsoft\Office\15.0\PowerPoint\Options – Office 2013

Microsoft\Office\14.0\PowerPoint\Options – Office 2010

Microsoft\Office\12.0\PowerPoint\Options – Office 2007


5. Now you need to create a new registry, by right clicking on the right hand page and choosing option “New” and then “DWORD Value” .Save ppt in 300dpi

6. Name the new file as “ExportBitmapResolution” and press ‘Enter’.Save ppt in 300dpi

7. Now double click the newly created registry, and change the option from ‘hexadecimal’ to ‘Decimal’ and insert the value as ‘300’. Click “OK”, and its all done.


Note: According the Microsoft, the DPI value limitation is shown as below:

Save ppt in 300dpi

Thats it! You are all set to export high quality image from PowerPoint. Simply press “F12” shortcut to ‘SaveAs’ and choose ‘PNG’ option.


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