Bad News – CyanogenMod is Dead! But Good News is – LineageOS has Taken Over CyanogenMod!

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RIP CyanogenMod

December 2016 was the end of most popular custom rom CyanogenMod from Cyanogen Inc. As mentioned in the Cyanogen official blog (, all the services and Cyanogen supported nightly builds have been discontinued now.


LineageOS has taken over the job where CyanogenMod has left. Lineage OS has started pushing nightly builds for many devices and Device list is getting bigger and bigger by the time.

All new nightly builds can be downloaded from here:


LineageOS has kept the door open for all those who want to migrate from CyanogenMod to LineageOS. Those having CyanogenMod builds on their Android devices, they need to flash “LineageOS experimental build first”. This is to avoid flashing Gapps again. Though it is recommended to have a clean install of Lineage OS, but still you can go on if you don’t wish to indulge yourself in to time taking process of clean installation.

Process to Migrate from CM14 to LineageOS 14

WARNING: Do all at your own risk. IngeniousIndeed should not be held responsible for any damages caused to the device.


  1. Download LineageOS experimental build and latest nightly build from here:


Example shown for Galaxy S3 i9300 Device:

Galaxy S3 LineageOS

2. First take complete backup of your Android device.

3. Place both the files (Experimental build & Latest nightly build) on your SD Card

4. Now reboot your device into TWRP Recovery.

5. Flash “Experimental build” and reboot the device.

When your device gets booted, you will see watermarket OS. This is to remind user to flash nightly build after flashing experimental build.

6. Again reboot your device into recovery and flash latest nightly build.

7. Clear cache and reboot the device.

8. Your device is now running on LineageOS.


If still facing issue in Migrating to LineageOS, better to wipe everything after backup and do a clean installation.



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